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3CX Monitoring

Introducing CommsAlert - an innovative system that enables monitoring of your 3CX Servers, whether they're hosted in the cloud or on-premises. Stay informed with instant Email or SMS alerts for alarm events, including 3CX server outage and Trunk outage. CommsAlert goes beyond basic monitoring by also keeping an eye on 3CX webpage status, SSL certificate health, and VoIP ports, ensuring your communication infrastructure is always in online.

Server Monitoring

Server monitoring is required to ensure the continuous availability, performance, and security of your server infrastructure. By monitoring servers, you can proactively detect and address potential issues, prevent downtime, and optimize resource usage, ultimately delivering a seamless and reliable user experience.

Website and SSL Monitoring

Introducing a powerful and proactive application designed to monitor webpages and promptly alert you via Email or SMS in the event of any status changes. This state-of-the-art tool ensures continuous monitoring of your webpages, tracking uptime and downtime, website status, and providing ping/response time with both average and last result logs. With its robust capabilities, the app diligently detects any variations, allowing you to stay well-informed and take swift action to address potential issues or changes. Count on this reliable and efficient monitoring solution to keep you in control of your webpages' status, ensuring a seamless online experience for you and your users.

Uptime Monitoring

Uptime monitoring is an essential procedure that involves consistent and regular pinging of servers to assess their availability and performance. In the event of a server's unresponsiveness or when its response time surpasses a predefined threshold, our system takes immediate action, triggering an alert to promptly notify the server administrators. This alert can be via Email or SMS. Rest assured, our robust monitoring process ensures optimal server performance and seamless operations for your business.

3CX Server Monitoring

Ensure continuous monitoring of your 3CX Servers around the clock 24/7. Secure with all monitoring passwords encrypted and zero changes or additional software installed on the 3CX server.

Website Monitoring 24/7

Achieve seamless and continuous monitoring of both your 3CX website and any other website effortlessly, round-the-clock.

Alerts via Email or SMS

Stay informed at all hours with alerts delivered directly to the email address or mobile number of your preference.

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3CX | Website | Server | SSL | Uptime

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